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100+ Years of Progress - 9th Annual Train & Tractor Show

Nov 7 - 9, 2014

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Our Antique Truck Collection Is Growing......

1955 Mack LTHSW WC Stinger Steer Log Truck 640x480 640x2

1935 IH C 30 Gulf 2 640x480

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Since my retirement, I regularly set aside time to visit attractions, historical sites, and museums in my local area. I saw the Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum in a local brochure. It is the most comprehensive collection of tractors I have ever seen anywhere. There are literally hundreds of farm tractors of every make, model, and size that were every made in America. Additionally, the museum also has an impressive number of antique trucks fire apparatus and specialty vehicles. All the exhibits are inside a huge, brightly illuminated building. All the tractors and trucks are brightly painted in their original colors and from their appearance, I think they all have been restored to operating condition. You can take photographs of the vehicles. It is a wonderful place for children. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours leisurely strolling down aisle after aisle of tractors, trucks, and cars. There is a large gift shop with an endless variety of collectibles, books, toys, and clothes. The $8.00 adult admission was well worth the visit. There are a variety of admission discounts available, i.e., military, seniors, etc. I was there in June and the building was not air-conditioned but that did not detract from the excitement. There is plenty of parking at the side of the building. I very impressed with the museum and I highly recommend it.

Many New Additions Have Been Added To Our Antique Truck Collection..

Here are just a few of them:

1935 Diamond T 211 AD   1937 Studebaker J30M 4x2   1941 Federal Model 25 4x2

1935 Diamond T 211 AD 2

 2014 09 26 12.52.20 640x360 640x32014 09 26 12.52.09 640x360