Field Day of the Past

Sep 18 - 20, 2015

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Keystone Grill is OPEN!

Keystone Grill is serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner
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Monday-Saturday  7am-9pm
                Sunday  8am-3pm

Stay tuned for the "NEW and IMPROVED" menu as it becomes available.

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Thoroughly enjoyed three wonderful Abilene-Keystone tractor shows in a row. The new warehouse facility housing the 100s of beautiful tractors, Indian Motorcycle, and numerous artifacts is a sight to behold. The commeraderie and good will between the guests-enthusiasts is over the top and the entertainment and refreshments complete the package. The operation runs like a Swiss watch and the amount of effort to put on and secure the show is beyond belief. Very best to all and appreciate the classic hospitality and history.

Take a Peak at Keystone's Collection:

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